Fun with Skype

I was recently able to Skype with a fellow teacher, whom I have been completing projects with in an online course. I have used Skype previously, usually to Skype with my sister-in-law to see her and so she can see my daughter. Using Skype for the purpose of collaborating and connecting with a teacher was a new experience. It was nice to be able to see the other teacher and put a face to the name that I have been working with in class. We chatted about school, our kids, and a few other topics and it was a nice conversation. I can see many benefits to using Skype in education, both for myself and my students. Personally, I would like to Skype with other teacher who teach the same grade levels and classes to get ideas for projects or lesson plans. This could potentially include Skyping with the teachers in my secondary education classes in college. There is one person in particular whom I used to collaborate with but has since moved away. He would be a great Skype buddy to talk with and share lessons. Using Skype has benefits that other technologies don’t have because we could visually share projects and see what the other person does, instead of just talking or writing about our ideas. Skype could be used in class with students in several great ways. We could Skype with other classrooms all around the world to share information and create a newer version of pen pals. We could also Skype with professionals to share their knowledge with the content students are learning. For example, in my Anatomy & Physiology class I could schedule an appt with a doctor as one of their daily appts and have that appt be a Skype session with my class. By using this technology I hope to expand my students’ view of the world and broaden their horizons. I also hope to collaborate in a new, exciting way to enhance my lesson plans and deepen my lesson plan ideas.


3 thoughts on “Fun with Skype

  1. sdr33

    Skyping with teachers of the same grade level to acquire new ideas is a great idea! It is always awesome to get someone else’s perspective on a class or project. It is amazing the different ways in which people think and sometimes a new pair of eyes on a tired, boring, old project is all you need to spark some life into a project. For me personally, after teaching the same project year after year, I need something new.

  2. Elaine Snyder

    The idea of skyping a doctor is a good idea. I know one of our teachers some how arranged for students to watch a live knee replacement. I am not sure how this was arranged, but by the end of the operation the teacher had many more than just his students in the class. i also like the idea of being able to see each other’s projects. Sometimes you just need to see something to really appreciate it.


      I never even thought of skyping with a doctor that is so cool. Especially a surgical procedure. It is so interesting how our responses abot skyping varied so much depending upon the grade levels we taught. You guys are talking about knee surgeries and I was talking about planning a field trip to the zoo. I love it! You guys are way cooler!


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