Flickr in the Classroom

Have you ever heard of Flickr? If not- it’s a great resource to use! (You can find it at Flickr is a website where people publish their personal photos and share them with others, allowing other people to use the photos for certain situations. Flickr is a great place to find photos to use in education and many of them are free to use, with certain requirements such as attribution to the photographer. Here is an example of a sample activity that I plan to use with my online Biology class, during the first couple days of class. 



Image Editor (2008, August 16). Fields of Science. Image Editor’s photostream. Retrieved March 14, 2013, from

Look at the above image as you think about and answer the following questions.

1. In your opinion, what is science? How would you describe the field of science to a friend?

2. How do can you tell that the picture is about science?

3. What do you think we will be learning about science in this class?


I would use this quick introduction lesson to explain the nature of science and what students will learn in the class, as well as focus them on the specific area of science that they will be learning- Biology. I always find it very interesting to hear about their perceptions of science at the beginning of the year and see how those perceptions change over time. 

In addition to this type of lesson using Flickr, I would encourage students to use Flickr as a source of photos or images for projects, to upload their own photos to Flickr (possibly ones that can be taken in class from experiments or projects), and to find related images for units that we are in. These are just some of my beginning ideas on how to incorporate Flickr into my teaching- I am sure I will learn lots more as I explore and get ideas from others!


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