Next up: Social Bookmarking!

Another new, exciting web 2.0 tool I am delving into is social bookmarking. Sites such as or can be used to find, keep, and share websites for your own personal use or to share with others. I plan on using my delicious account for my own professional use and resource-sharing with colleagues. The other members of my department and I are always sharing websites and resources through old-fashioned methods and then when you want to go back and find something, it can be very difficult. As the members of my department have grown (from 3 when I first started teaching 8 years ago to 5.5 starting next year), it gets harder to collaborate and keep track of everything. I think it would work well to convince my department to start their own delicious account and create a group tag, so whenever a teacher found something worth sharing, they could bookmark it and everyone could see it also. We could also expand that and create a custom tag for all the staff members in my school to use, so they could tag and share resources and whoever wanted to create an account and take part in the sharing would be able to. These ideas are making me very excited for the benefits of using social bookmarking! So… I will talk to you later, I’m going to go bookmark some sites! 🙂


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