RSS Feeds- The Way of the Future

I have been exposed to RSS feeds a few times over the last few years, but never really had much interest in spending time setting one up for myself. I am starting to change my mind about the benefits of having an RSS feed and very slowly, my interest in using an RSS feed is outweighing my lack of interest. There are a few reasons I think having an RSS feed would be beneficial. In my personal life, I would like to follow blogs and websites about parenting. Anything from activities to do with my daughter, to fun snack ideas, new clothes, or parenting advice- anything that would be beneficial as I raise my daughter. I would also like to follow education and science news, since that is my career. Gaining new learning strategies or ideas would be great, as well as keeping abreast of changes in the education world or new technology, or really any new, current education information. I would also like to follow science news because that is what I teach and I always find it fascinating when I hear or read what is going on in the science world.

As a teacher, RSS feeds would be beneficial to incorporate into my lesson plans. Some ideas I have would be to set up one RSS feed for every class period, asking students to brainstorm some things they would like to follow as a class and then check it once or twice a week. It would be fun and create collaboration and class bonding I think. I would also have my students set up their own RSS feed for their own personal interests that they want to follow, and ask them every few weeks something they saw or learning or remember from following their RSS feed. These are just beginning ideas, but are a good place to start I think!


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