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Some questions were posed to me recently about online learning and teaching that stated “What would you like to accomplish? What are your goals for yourself and your students? How do you envision your ideal teaching practice using these technologies?” These are very thought-provoking questions. I am near the end of earning my certificate for online teaching and just beginning my journey into putting what I have learned into practice. I am currently beginning to develop two one-semester Biology courses for students in my district to take to earn their Biology credits for graduation. I know I have a long way to go, but am ready for the challenge. 

The question of “what would I like to accomplish?” seems very broad. While I would like to accomplish many things,  I will keep my answer to this question about my online teaching accomplishments. 🙂  I would like to develop a good, authentic online Biology course for students to learn the important concepts and content standards for Biology. I would also like my online course to utilize multiple types of learning and activities, including many web 2.0 technologies. My goals are for my students to learn and understand Biology and how important the knowledge of life science is important for their life. Through that learning, I also have goals for my students to learn how to use technology to their advantage and have a good grasp of web 2.0 technologies, because they live in a world with technology and need to understand how and when to use it appropriately. A goal for myself is to create a fun, interactive, engaging Biology course and incorporate a good mixture of activities and tools, while using the tools for a specific purpose not just include them to include them- they need to be relevant to the learning. 

So- here we are at the beginning. Keep reading my blog if you want to keep updated about my journeys into online teaching and web 2.0 technology! It will be quite the ride! 


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